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Novation Launches MiniNova

Ever since we did the review for Novation Impulse 61, and I’ve got to see it in action LIVE I’ve been a huge Novation fan. Being a piano player all my life and living in a portable all tech world having a portable synthesizer is almost a necessity. Not only for live instrument players, but anyone creating music for any reason. So when I came across Novation’s more recent press release I instantly added this to my Christmas list.

Press Release

Novation Launches MiniNova
The fully featured mini-keys synth

Novation has announced MiniNova, an amazingly powerful but compact synthesizer that
packs never-seen-before features, including push-button Animate controls and Novation’s
brand new voice effect: VocalTune™.

Key Features:

• 37-note mini-keys synth with custom-designed Novation keybed.
• Extremely powerful sound and effects engines from Novation?s flagship UltraNova synth.
• New VocalTune feature with feature-packed vocoder and included gooseneck mic.
• Arpeggiator with real-time rhythm performance editing.
• Animate function lets you warp your sounds while you play.
• 256 amazing factory patches included, with space for a further 128 user patches

With over 15 years of family heritage and decades of design experience, MiniNova is
built around the same synth engine as Novation’s flagship, UltraNova. Featuring three
versatile oscillators, up to five effects, two filters, six envelopes, three LFOs, and 36
different wavetables, it’s capable of creating a vast range of jaw-dropping sounds,
suitable for every genre. Simple patch browsing comes courtesy of a large genre-select
knob and an easy-to-use scroll wheel, bringing instant search and recall of the 256
factory and 128 user patches. MiniNova is perfect for synth players who want to find
sounds quickly: simply choose the type of sound you want, then sculpt the patch to
match your track. A powerful parameter matrix puts 24 powerful sound-shaping tools
under your fingertips on four large, tactile knobs. The dedicated filter cutoff knob allows
you to always give your sound the ‘wow’ factor.
MiniNova introduces VocalTune, an amazing effect that can tune your voice to the note
being played on the synth in real time. It also features a powerful new vocoder engine,
which can be fed by either the included gooseneck mic or the external input. Novation?s
unique ?Animate? buttons let you apply up to eight deeply expressive modulations, with a
hold button that latches any or all of the animations. Arpeggiate mode lets you easily
play and program your rhythmic synth parts on the fly. What’s more, MiniNova connects
to your computer via USB, where free plug-in software can be used for patch library
MiniNova has two quarter-inch mono jack outputs, a stereo headphones output, full-size
XLR and jack inputs for routing sounds through the vocoder and on-board effects, as
well as a five-pin MIDI input and output and an input for a sustain pedal. Power can be
supplied via USB or a 9V DC power supply (included).


worldwide in October 2012.
Pricing information: MSRP $624.99 / $499.99 at dealers

Just looking at the key features it’s more than worth the $499 price tag. We will be anxiously waiting in the GStyle Office to get it in house so we can do a hands on review.

Be on the lookout tomorrow for some more synth goodies !

TJ Jordanhttp://www.about.me/tejor
Apple product enthusiast, dance mom, Spoonie, lover of all things Marvel ;). If there's a gadget that's chic and geek, TJ is all about it!


  1. This looks utterly dope. I myself have always been a fan of the piano and all that can actually play it. I live through them. I love the integrated mic, or as you have in the review ”
    • New VocalTune feature with feature-packed vocoder and included gooseneck mic.”

    I know what I would use it for…no not singing, I only sound like luther in the shower.
    I see it as a great way to out homemade sound effects like “beat boxing” for those hard to recreate electronically sounds, plus it just gives it that unique flare so to speak.
    The pitch controls on the left remind me of a Triton keyboard, I think this was the first thing I thought of when I seen this in your review, and you can’t go wrong with one of those.

    “electknob and an easy-to-use scroll wheel, bringing instant search and recall of the 256
    factory and 128 user patches.”

    Leaves for you to have saved up a bunch of different set styles and sounds, so basically you won’t have to recreate the wheel on your music.

    Once again dope review.


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