Popular wireless mobile gaming peripheral on sale at leading online retailer Amazon.com Lund, Sweden. After enjoying massive success in Europe, Gametel, a Bluetooth controller that transforms smartphones and tablets into a portable games console, is heading to America.

Now available to buy in the U.S. at Amazon.com and retailing for $49.99, Gametel delivers superior gameplay when compared to touchscreen controls, opening up a bigger viewing area free of fingers.

Unlike a touchscreen gaming interface, Gametel’s console-style D-pad, quartet of buttons and two shoulder triggers provide responsive physical controls and make intricate and immersive games easier and fun to play.

Compatible with Android smartphones and tablets running Android 2.1.1 Éclair or later, Apple iPads running iOS 3.2 or later and iPhones supporting iOS 4.0 or later, Gametel connects to the device via Bluetooth, automatically pairing every time it powers on.

The controller’s built-in adjustable spring-loaded clamp allows secure docking of any Android handset (including the Samsung Galaxy S3) or iPhone while sturdy soft rubber clasps protect handsets from being scratched or damaged. A nine hour battery life provides more than enough playing time for long journeys and weekly commutes in work.

Bo Nyman, CEO of Fructel, the company behind Gametel says: “Gametel has already proved to be very popular with mobile gamers in Europe – now American audiences can enjoy a fun and superior mobile gaming experience. The fact it is selling at one of America’s largest and most recognised online retailer, makes it easy for U.S. customers to buy Gametel.”

Along with a current line-up of more than 90 compatible games, including the five star No Gravity, Outfoxed, Silverfish, Temple Run, Super Crossfire HD, Air Attack HD and Terra Noctis, Gametel for iOS devices also supports iCADE’s suite of classic retro games with over 100 titles available to download from the Apple iTunes App Store.

Over 100 compatible games are available to download from the Google Play,
including popular titles: Cordy, Sleepy Jack, Whale Trail, Asphalt 5 HD, R-Type, Reckless Getaway, Reckless Racing, Samurai II: Vengence, Guns’n’Glory, Wind-Up Knight, Sonic CD and Zenonia. More games are being added every day while a full list of compatible Android and iOS can be found at www.gametelcontroller.com.

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