The Lincoln MKS will always be have special place with us here, as this was the very first car that kick off our Auto section. The first one was the 2011 Lincoln MKS and we loved the THX Certified audio system in it. We left that review feeling good about Lincoln and the cars they have in their collection. But how about now and going into 2013? Would the 2013 Lincoln still hold our respect?


Our loan car came in Tuxedo Black and let I mentioned in 2011, Black is definitely the way to go with the MKS. A Lincoln MKS in black, flows with elegant classic and sophistication. Just like the 2011 model, the 2013 is both stylish, and luxurious. It is a subtle but elegant car. This is for the people who want to show off their class, reflect their style but not want to be driven. This is meant for people who like to car, and look good while doing it!


The 2013 Lincoln MKS doesn’t leave me wanting for more when it comes in the tech department. Lincoln and Ford do a great job with their entertainment system. Want to stream music via your phone with Bluetooth? The MKS has got you covered. Want CD (really who still uses that?)/DVD/Nav, the MKS has it.

Beyond the entertainment, the MKS has you covered with heated seats, power windows, ambient interior lighting (love how cool this is!), dual climate control, push to start/stop the car and more. This definitely is a luxury car and it shows in the goodies inside. When it comes to check, the 2013 model passes with high marks!


I titled this the little things that count, and the Lincoln MKS definitely has the little things cover that made my time with it a pleasant and joyous one. From the start of course is the ability the open the car doors without ever taking the keys out of my pocket. In fact, there was little need for me to remove the key from my pocket at all. Once inside the car, I just push the button to start so no need to get the key and put it in the ignition.

Another area that doesn’t always get love in cars is the ability to roll all 4 windows for with one press of the button. Most have automatic window down only with one push on just the driver’s side. But to roll the window up or with it comes to the other windows, you have to hold the button. A little thing, but annoying. I’m glad to say with the MKS, all 4 windows is just one push up or down and the window goes all the way without any more involvement from you. Nice touch there! There there is ambient lighting, which seems minor but add some much flare at night. I especially love that you can select the color you like (I’m partial to Blue of course), and this really sets a nice tone when you step in the car in the evenings.

And finally when driving, I love the sliding armrest for comfort. This isn’t a big one but it added to my comfort level. And one last one, if you have ever used cruise control while driving Ford/Lincoln has this feature called Gap. I love this thing, it makes me feel as if I’m just one step away from the car driving itself. When you set how far of a distance from the car in front of you, when you are on cruise control the car will automatically slow down when there is a car too close and when it gets distance or moves out of your lane, it will increase the speed back to the set cruise speed. I thought this was cool, as I literally didn’t need to hit accelerator or brake. Now all I need is the car to steer itself, and it will completely be automated.

Wrap Up

The 2013 Lincoln MKS doesn’t disappoint. It is luxurious, fashionable, and tech friendly. It gleams with elegance and instantly upgrades the classic of the owner. If you are thinking about getting one, I would highly suggest the Tuxedo Black!