Since the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III, I’ve been on a hunt for the best possible case to protect my investment. As in love with the phone as I was I couldn’t overcome the fear that at any given moment I could possibly drop, permanently disable and destroy my phone in less than 30 seconds flat. Not only did I want my phone protected I needed it to remain sexy. I wanted people to be able to recognize what kind of phone it was without me having to remove all this armor from it to show it off when people inquired about it.

Lo and behold I came across this press release from Seidio:

Press Release

Seidio, a leader in premium mobile technology accessories, is at the forefront of the latest smart phones hitting the market, and is excited to announce its signature series is now available for the Samsung Galaxy S3. The ACTIVE AND SURFACE cases allow users to choose their own style and customize the level of protection needed on a day-to-day basis.

“Seidio prides itself on keeping on top of the smart phone trends, and offering a variety of accessories for the Galaxy S3 is a testament to our dedication to covering all mobile devices,” says David Chang, Chief Executive Officer of Seidio. “The Galaxy S3 is pumped up and fully loaded with powerful hardware and Android 4.0 so we wanted to provide high-performing accessories to go along with it.”

The Seidio SURFACE is the thinnest case in the line valuing portability without losing the protective qualities desired in a case. Accidents happen and phones drop but the SURFACE case will give the user peace of mind in knowing their phone is secure. The SURFACE offers precision cutouts for all ports, controls, speakers and camera. It even raises the camera away from a flat surface in order to protect the fragile lens.

The ACTIVE and SURFACE both come with a Holster designed specifically for each Seidio style. The holster is lined with felt for scratch-free use, and features a face-in design for protection.

The Surface Combo and ACTIVE combo (without Kickstand) retails for $49.95, and the ACTIVE Combo (with Kickstand) is $54.95. Colors include: Black, Glossed White, Garnet Red, Amethyst, and Royal Blue.

For more information about Seidio’s ACTIVE and SURFACE cases for the Samsung Galaxy S3, please visit or

PERFECT! It was as if Seidio was reading my mind, so IMMEDIATELY I knew I needed the Surface Combo in my life. Seidio’s SURFACE™ Combo includes a SURFACE™ case and SURFACE™ holster. The SURFACE™ case is thin and protects the phone from scratches, drops and adds minimal bulk and it slides nice and securely into a secure spring clip SURFACE™ holster. Together they provide the ultimate carrying solution for your Samsung Galaxy S III. From that day forward I knew my S III had found a home. Aside from vanity the combo has some incomparable features.

Key Features


  • Sleek case that provides scratch protection with minimal bulk
  • Case raises the camera away from a flat surface in order to protect your lens
  • Precision cut-outs for access to the ports, controls, speakers and camera
  • Unique slide-in design makes putting on and removing your case easy
  • Made from a hard yet flexible material with Seidio’s soft-touch rubberized matte finish
  • Compatible with all Samsung Galaxy S III

SURFACE™ Holster

  • Felt-lined holster with face-in design keeps your Samsung Galaxy S III safe
  • Top clip allows for easy access and belt clip swivels in up to seven directions
  • Unique Spring-Clip holds your phone and case securely and lifts for quick access
  • Seidio signature soft-touch rubberized texture provides a unique look, feel and extra protection
  • Rubber padding on the spring-clip prevents scratching when attaching or removing the phone
  • Easy access to all connectors including headphone jack
  • Overall

    Since the day I put this case on my phone it hasn’t come off. I love that I can attach the holster to the inside of my purse and as I get calls slide my phone in and out easily and the colors complement my outfits. I love the way it feels in my hand and that it doesn’t add any real bulk to the phone. I can still slide it in my back pocket and not worry about it. I also like the fact that as smooth as it is to the touch it feels sturdy and it’s not slippery. The slide-in design makes it easy to remove the phone from the case because it snaps into two pieces. You can securely interlock both pieces and feel secure the phone is safe. The addition of the felt lining in the case as well as the holster gives me assurance that my screen nor the body of my phone won’t be scratched. I’ve been using this case for about a month now and I must say when I take the phone out it honestly looks like the day I first got the Samsung Galaxy S III. It is available in six colors Black, Glossy White, Garnet Red, Amethyst, Royal Blue and Sage – the pictures are true to actual color. It is also compatible with the Seidio Desktop Charging Cradle

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