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Roamz 2.5 Hits the App Store With A Host of Changes

Roamz is a local discovery app that allowed you to find local events and places nearby. I while back when it had first come out, I had downloaded it, but never used it because it wanted me to set up a new account for it and link it to my Facebook. Because of that, I declined using it and deleted it. Well, with the new Roamz 2.5 update, they have done away with signing up for a new account or linking it to your social networks and you can now use it without having to login or link anything.  They’ve also heavily updated the user interface to make it easier to use and discover new places.

How it works – Basically once you start up Roamz, you set the location you are in (automatically or manually) and it will begin searching all nearby places that people have talked about or shared on their social networks like Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, and Instagram. Like I said though, you don’t have to link your accounts but you’ll be able to see results from those who did.


  • Discovery screen that allows you to search for things of interest to you. We’ll do the hard work to make sure the results are fresh, social and relevant to you. You’ll notice the search tiles vary depending on the local content and the time of day
  • We’ve introduced a location based reminders feature that we call starring. The feature allows you to star a venue you find interesting and we’ll remind you the next time you’re close to that venue so you can check it out! You’ll never have to worry about missing out on visiting that cool place again!
  • Extended sharing features including Tumblr integration
  • Updated biography and venue pages that allow members to see more information on friends and locations
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or higher

If you’re into discovering new places or even new people, I’d check out Roamz, especially now that it’s much easier to use with no required signup or login.

Samuel Huanghttp://www.gstylemag.com
Samuel Huang is an avid gamer and all around tech geek. When not glued to his computer or iPhone, he can be seen pwning n00bs on PSN nightly. On occasion, he has the crazy dream of owning a vintage JDM Nissan Skyline Hakosuka GT-R or a Datsun 240Z.


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