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S Beam: Sharing Made Easy

S Beam allow you to share between two phones by touching the back of the other phones together. You can share videos, photos, contacts, maps, App download links along with other files.

In order to start sharing with S Beam, first you must activate NFC and S Beam in the phone settings.

No need to open a special sharing app. If you are looking at a photo in your gallery and you want to share it, just touch your phone to another Galaxy S III (both devices display must be powered on with screens unlocked). If you want to share a video you are watching in the video player, just touch your phone to your friends S Beam enabled device.

-With the content you want to share, touch the back of your phone against the back of another Galaxy S III.

-The content will shrink, and you will see a message to tap the screen to start sharing.

-Tap the center of the screen and hold the phones together until the sharing starts.

-With S Beam, you can separate the phones and let the sharing continue in the background.

-S Beam shares movies, photos and your legally sharable music files with other Galaxy S III devices.

The S Beam makes everything easier, now you don’t have to give your number or email just to share files. A must need.

Angelina Montanezhttp://www.gstylemag.com
Angelina Montanez born and raised in the Bronx, known as the "Electronic Hoarder" when she's not out looking for a new gadget to add to her collection, you can catch her playing with one of her many gaming systems.


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