One of the main annoyances with mobile devices is that there never seems to be enough power to run them for an entire day. This goes for tablets and mobile phones and is a real inconvenience when there isn’t a place to charge nearby. There are solutions out there such as battery extending mobile phone cases as well as external battery chargers, but for the most part, these only allow for a 1 time only full charge before even those need to be recharged along with your device. With our increasing dependence on mobile devices, we need something that can charge our devices more than once and also allow for multiple devices at once. That’s where the HyperJuice Plug comes in. The HyperJuice Plug is a battery extender on steroids.

What makes the HyperJuice Plug different from other solutions is the fact that this thing has a huge backup battery in to at 10,400 mAh. It can supposedly fully charge an iPhone up to 7 times without needing a recharge itself. You can also Extend the battery life of an iPad 2 by 15 hours and a new iPad by 9 hours. Pretty reasonable numbers there seeing as both iPad models have some seriously huge batteries in them. Most of you probably don’t care about detailed specs though and just want to know if it works. Well, it does and it looks really good at the same time.

The HyperJuice Plug not only functions well, but looks good to boot. It has a very “Apple” feel to it and mimics some portions of Apple’s familiar designs. For starters, the aluminum block surrounding it has the look and feel of Apple’s colorful iPod Nano devices. The white plastic surrounding the rest of the HyperJuice Plug as the look of the old white MacBook batteries and even has the little button you would push to show you how much charge was left. These light up depending on how much “juice” is left. The HyperJuice Plug is also very easy to recharge as all you do is slide out the built in wall prongs and plug it directly into a wall outlet. After it’s done, just unplug it and slide the prongs back in to the body.

I’ve been using mine for the past couple of week already and even took it on a trip recently. What I love about it so far is that since the HyperJuice Pluk is an external unit, I don’t need to use a bulky battery case to recharge. Instead, I can continue using any one of my sleek looking cases and just plug in to recharge. Because this is an external unit with standard USB plugs, I can also use it to charge multiple devices which makes it super convenient. All you need on a trip really is 1 HyperJuice Plug and a couple extra cables for your devices and you’re set. I used it for my iPad, iPhone, my wife’s iPod Touch, and even an old school Zune that I use in my car. It’s very versatile and looks pretty good too.

The only negative I can see about the HyperJuice Plug may be the price, which might turn some potential buyers away. It’s $129.95 for the 10,400mAh version and $159.95 for the 15,600mAh version. It may seem a bit pricey, but honestly, I think it’s worth the price especially with the amount of recharges you can make and the fact that you can recharge 2-devices at 1 time. It’s available in multiple different colors (not just pink) which will suit anyone’s preference.

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