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Windows 8 Comes With Accessories – Microsoft Announces New Mice and Keyboards for Windows 8

Microsoft is prepping hard for the arrival of Windows 8, which will be shipping October 26th. To optimize use and functionality of all of Windows 8 features, they are releasing and updating some hardware.

Wedge Touch Mouse and Keyboard

The Bluetooth enabled pair free you from wires and USB transmitters. The mouse has built-in four way touch scrolling. It’s small size makes it portable and useful for mobile devices. With BlueTrack technology the mouse can be used on any surface. The mouse is super tiny. It has a comfy sleek design.

The keyboard designed specifically for tablet users, has built in media keys and windows hot keys. These keys will be used with the new Windows “charms” (equivalent to apps) on the OS. You can use the the tablet cover for ultimate protection from damage,a tablet stand and also as an “off switch” as it turns off the keyboard when clipped on. It looks sleek and light-weight; a definite add-on to your travel pack.

Sculpt Touch Mouse and Keyboard

The Sculpt Touch mouse is really designed for the new UI of Windows 8 PC. Also uses bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect.

The Sculpt keyboard is designed for travel and comfort. It has Microsoft’s well-known Comfort Curve design. It’s battery-saving technology saves time and energy with sleep mode after a period of inactivity and a key tap to quickly wake up. If you already own a Touch mouse, you’re ready for the upgrade. No need to get a new one.

You can pre-order these items from Amazon, TigerDirect, Buy.

With the addition of these items to the Windows 8 line-up, I think adaptation to the OS will be fairly simple and more intuitive. I can’t wait to upgrade.

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