When it comes to gaming MLG means business they have covered big named games such as: Halo, Call of Duty, Mortal Kombat, and Soul Calibur to name a few. MLG Pro Circuit and MadCatz collaborated to make a controller to meet the needs of a competitive gamer, with the amazing smooth feel and perfect grip can this be the controller gamers have been looking for?


First I want to say when I received the MLG Controller I did not want to take it out the box, with a glorious display of the controller and it’s main components, with the inside of the box having the traditional Red and Blue MLG color’s, with all the other components being tucked neatly, for a while I just stared at the package not wanting to open it.

In the box you will find everything you could need and more:

Pro Circuit Controller Body
3-Piece Pro Circuit Controller Faceplate Kit (Gloss)
3-Piece Pro Circuit Controller Faceplate Kit (Matte)
Pro Circuit Controller L-Shaped Door
Pro Circuit Controller Weighted Door
2x 35g Weight Cartridges
2x ProX Analog Stick Modules
ProX D-Pad Module
2x ProP Analog Stick Modules
ProP D-Pad Module
Headset Adapter
ProCable (3m)

Instead of your standard hardwired USB cable that you get with the Official Xbox Controller, you’re treated with a durable 3 Meter (9.8ft) pro cable, heavily braided and built to survive heavy use. With the cable is also fully detachable thanks to it’s very sturdy locking screw attachment.

The controller looks amazing the D pad is easier to use, most Xbox users constantly complain about the original Xbox controller D-pad was at times quite poor. On the back of the controller is where you can also see the bottom of the weight attachment, instead of a battery compartment you have a place to add weights, I kept the weight at around 40g heavier than the standard wired controller, it still feels super light in your hands thanks to the way the pad is balanced. You can also choose not to use the weight compartment, in which you can place one or both of the 35g weights, customizing the weight of the controller for your preferences, I personally found it preferable with both weights added it gave extra stability to the controller.

Turn the controller around and you will see “MAJOR LEAGUE GAMING” logo written across the back, the 5 pin screw on point for your pro cable, the back button and triggers, again are improved over the original Xbox controller, the LB and RB buttons are a tad bit thicker and both triggers have a shallower curve to them, only a minor change, feels better to use.

When stripped down you can see just how customizable the controller really is, with all the faceplate attachments removed you can see the connection points that contain strong magnets, which keep the faceplate and wings firmly attached, but it also means you can change them without a hassle, no screws or clips.


Yes the MLG Controller looks and feels amazing, but what’s really important is the gameplay. I will break down the games in sections:

We will start off with shooters (Call of Duty, Gears of War, Battlefield, Halo)

With the old Xbox controller I would have to hold down the trigger button down just to spray out a round of shots, with the MLG controller all I had to do was tap the trigger button and my clip was half-way gone.

In most shooters the D pad is used to swap out guns, the D pad on the original Xbox controller made it complicated, if I’m in the middle of a battle and I have a group coming after me, trying to switch my gun becomes a task, Either I would pick the wrong weapon or the screen for me to change it would come up then disappear before me picking my weapon, which would result in me taking more time in picking a weapon , which would result in me taking a significant amount of damage (anyone who has played with me knows I don’t do well with getting hit).

D pad on the MLG controller made it simple for me to pick, the controller is sensitive, so one tap and my weapon screen pops up without a problem this is a good thing, the quicker I can change my weapon layout, the less spazzing out I will do…which makes my teammates very happy.

Fighters (Mortal Kombat, King of Fighter, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Street Fighter)

I’m very BIG on fighter games, play them and love them all, but is the MLG controller better than the Fightstick?

Using a controller in fighting games most people rely on the D-pad, on the original Xbox controller the D-pad was sloppy. In fighting games it’s all about timing and combs, if the wrong button is pressed you have just ruined the comb, which can cost you the match. Trying to do a comb on the original Xbox controller would drive me insane, if I’m trying to get my character to move backwards she would decide to do a back flip, not what I wanted.

The LT and RT buttons are how you execute the “X-Ray” move in Mortal Kombat, a move that deals a significant amount of damage, if I didn’t “mash” the LT or RT numerous times the move would not be performed.

Playing with the MLG controller to me was slightly better, the D-pad was great to use, now using the analog sticks on the controller was too sensitive to me, if I wanted my character to do a backflip, she was doing three in a row (guess it’s because I’m heavy handed).


MLG Pro Curict Controller is definitely a step up from the original Xbox controller, when it comes to shooters, the MLG controller is the best way to go. If all you play is RPG’s (Roll Playing Game) you can stick with the original Xbox Controller. When it comes to fighters it’s all about what makes you comfortable, if you’ve only played with the controller then get MLG controller, especially since the D-pad is more responsive, but if you only played with a Fightstick, stick with it, if you are anything like me I’m extremely heavy handed and my fightstick can take the abuse without having my character do something I didn’t want her to do.

Price: $100
Purchase at:www.mlgproshop.com

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