Seidio Desktop cradles can usually be a hit or miss based on how they are designed and utilized. The Desktop Charging Cradle from Seidio looks to provide some prestige to your HTC One Series device and also good as it provides a portrait view as for viewing photos and even watching movies. Another great feature is its compatible works with or without a Seidio ACTIVE or SURFACE case.

Press Release

Houston- July 17, 2012- Seidio, a leading manufacturer of premium mobile technology accessories, announces the release of the sleek Desktop Charging Cradle for the HTC EVO 4G LTE, HTC One X, and HTC One S. It epitomizes Seidio’s design philosophy of timeless and elegant products, an ideal accessory for the desk of the business professional. This Desktop Charging Cradle boasts a unique design that allows for syncing and charging at the same time which ensures the HTC device will always stay powered up.

“This charging cradle is the final accessory to round out the full-line of products we [Seidio] offer for the HTC devices,” says David Chang, CEO of Seidio. “Our goal is to provide our consumers with a complete system solution for their mobile device. The Desktop Charging Cradle works seamlessly with Seidio’s HTC cases and, of course, the smartphone itself.”

The major point of differentiation between this Charging Cradle and similar products on the market is that it works with or without a Seidio ACTIVE or SURFACE case. There is no need to fuss with removing a case when docking the device. A small but sturdy connector piece manages the covered or bare smart phone depending on what suits the user’s lifestyle. The Desktop Charging Cradle promises a snug, safe fit for the smart phone. It also docks the smart phone horizontally for a perfect viewing angle to enjoy movies, pictures and other multimedia.

The all-black cradle features a smooth, matte finish and Seidio’s signature soft-touch coating. This outer layer keeps the cradle clean, resisting fingerprints, dirt and grime. A discreet power LED light is located on the back of the unit as to not disturb the user. Meantime, the Cradle allows one to charge via the cable included with the HTC smart phone, eliminating the need for multiple cables.

The Desktop Charging Cradle for the HTC device also comes with a micro-USB cable. It retails for $29.95 at or

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