Soul by Ludacris being known for its superior sound and interesting design look is bringing to the forefront more colors to this different lines of headphones. Guaranteed to set whatever mood your in. You can check more about it below…

Press Release

Lake Mary, Fla. – July 17, 2012 SOUL Electronics, global leader in consumer electronic products, have announced new colors for its SOUL by Ludacris headphones, the SL300, SL150, SL100 and SL99.

“We are thrilled to announce new colors for our popular SOUL by Ludacris headphones,” said Len Davi, Executive Director of SOUL Electronics. “We are extremely proud of our SOUL by Ludacris line and excited to offer our growing and established fan base more choices for their personal creative style.”

Engineered to deliver high quality, pristine, balanced sound, the SL300 model is now available in a sleek brushed silver. These powered performance headphones offer elite hi-definition noise cancelation and are best used by music professionals and/or aficionados will be available for $299.95.

Now offered in a polished electric blue, the SL150 features excellent sound design and balanced acoustics in a sleek and comfortable form factor. Available for $199.95, this model is perfect for any music professional or music lover looking for a powerful and precise audio mix experience on the go.

Sporting a lighter weight, yet highly durable design packed with pro audio prowess, the SL100 is now available in an eye-catching burnt orange hue for $149.95. Featuring advanced driver and circuitry design, the SL100B0 offers users a sleek, light fit with superior sound balance.

Finally, the SL99BW is now being offered in a clean white color with black trim. Providing superior quality, full-range listening experience in a state-of-the-art, in-ear design, the SL99 is expertly built to complement any lifestyle. Available for $99.95, the SL99BW commands quality and innovative style with an ultra-comfortable ideal fit.

The SOUL by Ludacris SL300 (silver), SL150 (blue) and SL100 (orange) are only available at Apple retail locations and In addition to other outlets, the SL99 (black and white) model will also be offered at Apple retail locations and

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