I've been assigned a classified mission and even the packaging is classified that "is so overt that it's covert": review Green Squadron Wicked Special Forces Unit EVAC headphones from Wicked Audio. After receiving these instructions as feared and assumed....the message self destructed in 10 seconds lol. But seriously, the EVACs were a pleasant surprise in comfort and sound. If your particular sound for headphones is based on the bass quality well you have met your perfect mate. The EVAC is equipped with enhanced bass along with talk about being lost in the music, noise isolation that can make the heaviest layered bass track thump without muffling static but with quality. You will easily feel every bass line in music such as House, Rock, Hip-Hop, Alternative, R&B, Club, Dance, Pop and Jazz. Yes, I put them through the ringer and they passed with flying (green) colors.

EVAC headphones comes with a braided cord and for your convenience for storage are collapsible. As far as comfort, they have double thickness cushions to isolate outside distractions, folding ear cups for effective concealment and low profile fabric headband for efficient fit. The Green Squadron Wicked Special Forces Unit can go with any of our beloved US Armed Forces soldiers whether they're physical training or just relaxing. For those civilians just making a fashion statement through fatigues or an army green ensemble you can hit the concrete runway with these. The only things I would have liked to be added to this great sound device is a single braided cord instead of double and a carrying case but other than that you are getting a lot of quality for the affordable retail listed price of $49.99 which now I would be kind of sounding picky lol. But these Green EVACs have an honorable discharge of sound. So I command you to get in formation and cop these soldier!

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