I love the color red. I love a shiny, bright red that screams give me your money, take me home and show me off. So when I saw the Glam iPad case from Cygnett it was love at first sight.The folio style case is a fire engine red with a smooth high gloss finish that’s sure to grab people’s attention. This case makes a statement and is not for the wallflowers among us.

Aside from being stylish it’s also functional. It has the sleep/wake feature, offers great protection, and doubles as a stand. The case offers 3 adjustable heights from which to choose. The iPad tucks nicely into a cutout frame that is secured by velcro lined clasp. It can move around if you are not careful about securing the clasp tightly. But once it’s seated in there properly I don’t have any fears about the iPad falling out, which is reassuring. The inside of the case is lined with a black velvety fabric. The case also acts as a stand by allowing you to raise the iPad and lean the edge against 3 strips that make the iPad great for hands free use while video chatting and sitting on your desk. I can attach my stylus to the Glam case as I did with the Cygnett Alumni case which makes me very happy. Though instead of clipping the stylus on the side of the case I have to hook it on the top this time. Either way I’m pleased. Having the ability to do this also means the case isn’t the thinnest kid on the block. But it can still fit nicely into my my bag.

There is one thing that disappoints me. I’ve been using the case for about two weeks now and I notice that if you look closely tiny dents and scratches can be seen especially when light hits the case at the right angle. Looking at the case from a distance you would never notice but looking at it up close and giving it a good inspection reveals some blemishes that I could do without. While I think the case is sturdy and will probably not fall apart on me any time soon it does display imperfections way too early for my liking. If I had this case for a year and it looked the way it does I would say that’s acceptable, but for two weeks I can’t let it slide. Maybe it’s just a consequence of the gloss but nonetheless it bothers me. And I will admit this is probably because I’m not the most gentle person when it comes to my belongings but that’s why I buy a case so that it can take the damage. Perhaps if you are more cautious about how you throw the case around this won’t be a problem for you. At the end of the day though the most important thing is that my iPad is protected, which it is.


1. Stylish color and finish
2. Rear camera cutout
3. Acts as a stand
4. Sleep/Wake feature
5. Can attach my stylus
6. Protects the front and back of my iPad


1. Scratches and Dents appear on the case too soon
2. Sleep/Wake feature doesn’t always work
3. Lack of viewing angles for typing
4. Not as thin as some other cases

While the price for this case is a little costly at $59.99, I’m willing to spend that on a good a good product. Apple sells it’s smart cover for $40 and if you want to protect the back that’s another $30. So I think this price is reasonable.

Overall, I think the Glam case is a great buy with tons of features.

Price: $59.99
Where to Buy: Cygnett

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