Here we go again. It seems like I can’t go a month without a new iPhone case appearing at my door and of course, I had to try them on right away. This is definitely one of the reasons I love the iPhone and that is the abundance of cases that appear for them weekly. This beauty you see here is the Cygnett Urban Shield Brushed Aluminum slim case for the iPhone 4/4S. Cygnett sent be the blue/gray color version of this case to take a look at.

This case varies greatly from the Metalicus case that my colleague Adele looked at previously in that it is not a 2-piece snap case where almost the entire iPhone ends up being wrapped in aluminum. Instead, this is a slim-fit shell that is very similar to the ICON Art Series case with an aluminum plate integrated seamlessly on the rear. The aluminum plate is very clean looking and has a brushed look to it. The edges are beveled and polished to a very shiny silver. The rest of the case is made of plastic but finished off in a dark grey rubber finish. It’s a pretty nice color combination if you want something different from the usual black and white case colors.

The Urban Shield is very thin. It barely adds any thickness to the iPhone which is great for those who like the slim dimensions of the phone naked. Rear protection is good but front protection is minimal. It doesn’t wrap around the front edges nor does it extend past the screen. It sits flush with the screen so when you place the iPhone face down, it will be sitting on the screen. Also, the Urban Shield does not extend to the bottom edge of the screen so that means it isn’t protected on this part. On the plus side, the design of the case means that it does not interfere with any screen protectors you might have on, which by the way, the Urban Shield does come with one.

Features & Specs

  • Precision-machined from premium-grade brushed aluminium
  • Ultra-slimline, close-fitting profile with rubber-finish corners
  • Superb detailing, with beveled edges & silver insert
  • Easily access all ports, controls & connectors
  • Includes a screen protector & microfibre cleaning cloth

Overall, I really do like the look of the Cygnett Urban Shield and how slim it is. It’s a very slick, attractive looking case and it doesn’t cost much either at only $19.99 in your choice of 4 colors and as I stated above, also includes a screen protector.

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