Let me say this, I love..LOVE the HTC One X! I must have fallen in love with this phone in the first two days of using it. I also really like Sense 4.0, it being one of the best version of Sense in a little while. I mean there is the free Dropbox storage, the better camera software, and more. The HTC One Series is a amazing group of devices. There is just one major issue I’m having with it, and that is in the way they handle applications working in the background now.

You see before when you could leave an application and returned to it, it would pretty much remain in the last state you had it in. This came in handy if you actually wanted to multiple task with you phone. You could jump in and out of applications as you saw fit. However with Sense 4.0 and the One Series, this isn’t turning out to be the case. What seems to be happening now is when you leave an application, after a seemingly small amount of time when you return to the application it relaunches itself and you can lost you place of where you were at.

Now this isn’t a major issue with most application, as usually it will kind of return to where you left it at. One major app that it doesn’t though (and my current negative with the phone) is with the Pulse app. You see in Pulse the way I use it, I hide all the read articles so I can get right to the new ones. However what seems to be happening now, if I’m reading an article and then say leave the app to maybe check in on Foursquare, when I return it relaunches the app and the article I was reading is gone. This is a major issue for me I don’t like having my current article killed and have to go search for it just because I wanted to use another app for a second.

What is really no good about this also is that you don’t seem to have no option to change it or tweak the level of what it does it the background. There seem like maybe there was a way under Developer options in option, there is a section called Apps. However I must have changed every setting in the area and it didn’t see to do anything.

HTC is your reading, release a firmware update or something and include an option so we can tweak this at least, thanks!

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