You might remember when we talked about the 5 Minute Freshen Up when Ryan Leslie was making the song, and had one of his fans come to the studio to listen to the track. Now continuing on with the visual album as Ryan calls it, next up is the official video for “5 Minute Freshen Up”.

Musically the production is on point, and I love the beat. However I can’t say 100% if I love the song. I definitely respect Ryan and his hustle. He has come a long way in his career, and on that note I can respect his visual and how he talks about his bank account now. I do feel like more than a few of his tracks now have his same pattern of him balling now, which is fine as he deserves it for his hard work. I just want something much, some other topics as well. I don’t expect Ryan to disappoint, so I look for to the rest of the album.

What do you think? Feeling “5 Minute Freshen Up” or no?

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