I remember years ago when Skype was a blip on the radar and was rarely used by many back in 2003 when it was established and was a cool video chat program. Years later it has turned into a global force to be reckoned with and you see it in just about every computer and mobile device available. Since Microsoft has taken the reigns in 2011 it looks like we will continue to see its outreach further. Releasing soon on Xbox 360 and now on the Playstation Vita it looks to add further functionality to the Vita.

Skype for PS Vita is straightforward with its first release. You login into the app for the first time and it will pull up your contact list. From there you basically click on a available contact and you can either do a regular call with them or a video call. That’s about it. I would like to see some updates in the future to make it similar to other Skype apps or even the desktop app. Being able to sort offline and online would be nice instead of a jumble of both. Another great addition would be the instant messaging aspect. It’s something I use and I believe others use too.


There are some pretty cool features that could take this Vita version far. You can start up Skype leave it in the background and play a game for instance. If you receive a call you can take that call and pause what your playing which makes for some decent multitasking. Another cool feature is the video chat as you have access to your front camera but also your back camera if you ever need to show someone something.

One thing I advise anyone using this app, if your not using it to CLOSE IT!. And i mean swiping the page away. If you just minimize it, it always runs. I learned that the hard way. It does a real number on the battery and at first I couldn’t figure out why, but finally discovered it was because of Skype.

Last Word

I like that the Vita is incorporating more applications as it goes along. I really think Skype is a nice addition. The video chat features with the rear and front cameras is nice, along with the convos during gameplay (paused, not same time). There are definitely things that need to be done though such as adding IM and also giving you better options for your contact lists.

Skype is available in the Playstation Store now.


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