The time is quickly approaching folks. The latest in Android goodness is about to decent upon us. AT&T will be selling their version of the HTC One X for $199.99 come May 6th, and the question remains, how does it stack up on the style meter.

I’ve had the HTC One X in my possession since the 26th of April and I must say this phone is beautiful, a work of art even. If you want to know the style of this phone, let me tell you it delivers. The screen is beautiful, the frame is slim and sexy. I don’t know if the white one would be my first choice, but it does stand out and is quite the looker. Besides the looks, the HTC One X has 4G LTE, a super sweet camera that takes pictures very fast, and as far as performance it really flies! One thing to note though, you will need a MicroSIM card to use this phone, so before you get ready to buy, make sure you have this.

Again the HTC One X will be out on AT&T on Sunday May 6th in stores, but you can pre-order now on the AT&T website here. Are you going to pick this one up? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned for our full review coming next! Check out some shots below, but we know you probably seen them already as it looks like the international version.

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