It’s about that time again when boredom sets in and looking at my iPhone just doesn’t excite me anymore. This isn’t because I’m bored with my iPhone but instead because I’m tired of seeing the same old case day in and day out. This is probably why I change cases every few weeks. Lucky for me, I was contacted by a rep from Cygnett who agreed to send me some of their latest iPhone 4/4S cases to check out. One of those cases is their Apollo hybrid case.

Until recently, I had never even heard of Cygnett, but it’s always fun discovering a new case maker since that means exploring new designs and cases I had never seen before. The first case I’m looking at is the Apollo. It is one of their more popular cases and its marketed as a hybrid case. It’s called this because it is a fusion of two different types of materials. The outer shell is made of a hard, anti-scratch and fingerprint-proof material that is smooth to the touch. The interior of the case is made of shock-absorbant rubber that is grooved. Not sure what the grooves are for, but it’s a nice touch when the interior is also decorated, even though you normally wouldn’t see it. It’s a very nice detail.

The Apollo case I received is matte black with a grey inner lining. I’m glad it’s not a shiny case because that usually means lots of greasy fingerprints, and that just doesn’t look good at all. The hard outer shell covers most of the iPhone except for the bottom edge of the case where it only has the rubber potion. This is probably so it would make it easier to install and remove the case. The inner lining covers the entire portion of the phone but has openings for all ports as well as the camera. One thing to note is that Cygnett saw fit to cover up the volume buttons which I think is also a nice touch. With most cases, this area is open and it makes it hard to press these buttons depending on how thick the case is. Cygnett covered these up with rubber buttons making it much easier to use when in the case. Same goes for the power/standby button which is also covered and more easily accessible. Another nice touch is at the bottom where there are separate opening for the speaker, mic, and charging/data port. It always annoys me when companies just make 1 giant opening down there which usually makes the lip really flimsy. This is not the case with the Apollo. Again, another welcomed detail.

Once you get the case on, it is a very nice, snug fit. All the opening line up perfectly with what they are suppose to go with and there doesn’t seem to be any fitment issues. The Apollo is raised a bit at the edges which helps protect the screen and keep the screen from touching any surfaces when the phone is placed face down. I like how those edges too do not come into contact with the touch screen which means if you have any screen protectors installed, it will not interfere with them.

I’d also like to make note of the packaging. I love the fact that Cyngett took the eco-friendly approach to its packaging. The inner part is made of sugar cane pulp and both the outer and inner parts are recyclable. It’s also frustration free packaging meaning that it is easy to open and you won’t have to fight with it to get to your precious case. Included in the package is also a front screen protector, a cleaning cloth, and a squeegee to help apply the protector.

Features & Specs

  • Dual-material case
  • Impact-resistant grooved silicone interior
  • Scratch-resistant exterior surface
  • Raised side edges protect the touchscreen

Final Thoughts

All-in-all, the Cygnett Apollo is a very nice, protective case. If you’re looking for something that will protect your iPhone from most drops and bumps, I do recommend the Apollo. It however isn’t quite as stylish as some other cases and is actually quite plain, but I really appreciate all the little design details they threw into this case to make it a great overall case.

The Cygnett Apollo is available now in 3 different colors – black, white, and purple, and retails for $29.99. You can find it on Amazon below, also known as the Fused on there:

Black - Cygnett CY0667CPFUS Fused Case for iPhone 4S – 1 Pack – Retail Packaging – Black/Grey

White - Cygnett CY0666CPFUS Fused Case for iPhone 4S – 1 Pack – Retail Packaging – White/Grey

Purple - Cygnett CY0668CPFUS Fused Case for iPhone 4S – 1 Pack – Retail Packaging – Purple/Grey

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