To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Marvel’s most famous iconic superhero, Marvel has blessed the fans of creating a five comic issue mini-series, Spider-Men, in which the original Spider-Man Peter Parker meets the new half-African American and half-Hispanic Spider-Man Miles Morales.

For those not familiar with the recent stories, here’s a quick catch-up. In the Ultimate #160 comic series “Death Of Spider-Man,” the original Spider-Man died in a battle with the Green Goblin in front of Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch, Bobby Drake aka Ice-Man, Mary Jane Watson, Aunt May and Gwen Stacy. The new Spider-Man Miles Morales first appeared in the Ultimate Fallout #4 shortly after Peter Parker’s funeral and wasn’t met with the most gracious of welcomes.

The Ultimates comics were meant to be an alternate interpretations of the original stories somewhat of the old comic series from back in the day, the “What If” Marvel series. Until this 50th Anniversary issue in June, the two universes have never crossed paths which has been going on for about 13 years without so much as a minor crossing of the two although Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada said back in 2005 that the Ultimate and mainstream universes would never meet lol.

I guess Mr. Quesada had a change of heart because he was the one who suggested that for the 50th Anniversary that this would be the ultimate team up. Senior Editor Mark Paniccia who oversees the Ultimate line revealed “If you think everything is going to be put nice and tidily back in the toy box, think again.” Paniccia also confirmed that the event would feature appearances by The Ultimates which is Ultimate universe’s version of The Avengers, the Ultimate versions of Aunt May and Gwen Stacy, and villains from both universes. Associate Editor Sana Amanat stated that the characters would “inspire and empower” one another.

Spider-Men #1 will be available for digital download on June 13th to view on either your Android or iDevice

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I’m looking forward to seeing two kids from Brooklyn “Thwippin’!” through the NY. So like Biggie, “That Brooklyn Bullsh*t, yea we on it!”

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