Roccat has recently announced after their “Is PC Gaming Dead” campaign a whole new spin on peripherals for PC gaming. Majority of PC gamers say PC gaming isn’t dead, but others think its been on the decline. The next “big thing” Roccat has demonstrated for us are keyboards and docks which work in tune with your smart phone allowing your phone to be part of your PC gaming experience. These new devices currently are still in Beta and have been designed for iOS devices with Android and Windows Phones in progress. If you’re excited to see these in action be sure to attend CEBIT 2012!

A First for PC Gaming: Command Using a Smartphone with ROCCAT Power-Grid

Exclusive technology represents a breakthrough in PC gaming control, makes expensive touch display gaming devices obsolete, works with every PC, and is free to get started

Hamburg, 6 March 2012 – German gaming peripherals manufacturer, ROCCAT Studios, has introduced a groundbreaking technology called the ROCCAT™ Power-Grid that – for the first time in the history of PC gaming – lets players control their games and computer with their smartphone. And, in what is surely music to the ears of many players, the Power-Grid is completely free to get started.

Detailed slides and pictures as follows:

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