I’m the biggest HTC fan girl I know but I must admit that To Date the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch is THE best Android phone available on Sprint. I have small hands so I’m not a fan of larger phones and the Epic 4G Touch is rocking a screen that it wider then most. Surprisingly its slim profile and lightweight help make it manageable for me. The back of the phone is slightly textured but that doesn’t really give you any real sense of security however, it doesn’t feel flimsy to me and I have yet to drop it in the month or so I’ve been using it.


The Epic 4G Touch sports a spacious 4.52” Super Amoled Plus Touchscreen with an impressive resolution of 800×480 pixels giving a rich color display. It’s extremely thin and light weighing 4.6 oz. and only 0.38” thick. At 2.7” wide it’s slightly wider than it’s predecessor Samsung Epic 4G that has a width of 2.5”. It’s fairly taller in stature being 5.11” tall but it makes viewing Web pages and multimedia even better and without the keyboard that the Epic 4G has the bulk is gone.

Typical to most Android phones you’ll find the touch-sensitive buttons for the menu, home, back, and search functions, Swype and Threaded/Chat Style messaging. The one thing that caught me off guard was the placement of the home button, it’s on the far left as opposed to the usual far right. It wasn’t a deal breaker and only took me about a week to adjust.

The dual cameras give you an amazing rear facing 8 MP 1080p camera and 2 MP front-facing camera primarily used for videoconference. The camera also features Auto Focus, Shot Modes: Action, Beauty, Cartoon, Panorama, Single and Smile. You can Geo-Tag and Edit your pictures prior to Online Image Uploading via Picasa. The camera also has Blink Detection: If the camera detects closed eyes in the frame, it won’t take the picture until they’re back open. Is that not dope? (You can leave your camera at home if you get this phone). The Camcorder also has several options DivX®, HD Recording, HD Playback (only via adaptor optional accessory), Video Share, TV-Out (only via adaptor optional accessory).


The Super AMOLED™ Plus Screen gives it the ability to deliver brilliant colors with the most contrast, providing a vivid and crisp viewing experience. You don’t have to be directly in front of the screen to be able to see images perfectly and because of its superior viewing you can view images from just about any viewing angle the same way.

The Epic 4G Touch is designed for speed with an emphasis on entertainment. With a 1.2 GHz dual core processor and the 4G-network multimedia content downloads in flash. Movies don’t buffer or stall and websites load immediately. If you love gaming, Media Hub (a pre-loaded service) also offers console like gaming experience with a wide selection of the most popular games – even those Adobe Flash dependent. Movies and games are life like, e-book text is super sharp, photos and videos are rendered in stunning HD-like quality. The technology is so advanced that the display Is designed to cut down on power usage, extending your battery charge so that you can do more, longer. Each Galaxy S II device features six-axis motion sensing using an accelerometer and gyroscope that support advanced touch screen gestures, including motion to zoom in on images, silence a ringing phone, and even move widgets on the menu screens.


I love this phone. The call quality was excellent. I expected choppy calls and cryptic reception using the speakerphone and using my Bluetooth but I had no issues hearing and no one had any issues hearing me the reception is excellent. Some have branded the Epic 4G Touch the iPhone killer but as an iPhone owner I have to disagree. Even though the Epic 4G Touch is the best Android offering from Sprint and in some ways can be considered comparable to the iPhone it’s like trying to compare Apples to Oranges. If you are eligible for an upgrade and in the market for a new Android Smartphone this is definitely THE phone to get.

NOTE: We’ve battled Siri vs. the voice command on the Epic 4G Touch and so far the record is 5-2 in favor of the Epic 4G Touch. We’ve battled completing tasks (find restaurant, text Mom; etc.) and voice command had the best accuracy. Yes, these are the things we do for fun in my house.

images used from Samsung

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