We’ve looked at a lot of headphones here at G Style and most of them really pump out some great sounds. The problem with these are that none of them are really suitable for young children due to the fact that all these headphones can be cranked up really loud, loud enough to damage hearing in young children. Because of this, I would not really let me child use any of the headphones I possess. Instead, I would only allow them to use a headphone that included volume limiting technology. That means that the headphones would only output to a specific level and not any higher in order to protect a kid’s hearing.


One such company that makes headphones specifically designed for children is Kidz Gear. Kidz Gear created a set of wired headphones specifically designed for use with Apple devices. These headphones are sized for the smaller heads of children, feature volume limiting technology, and KidzControl. KidzControl is an inline mechanism that includes a remote, ability to change tracks, and adjust volume. It’s similar to what you find on the included Apple headphones that come with most iOS devices.

I’ve seen other kid’s headsets before, and most don’t seem very comfortable. In fact, most just try to take the cheap route and have ear pieces that are just made out of foam and sit on top of your ears, similar to the first headphones that use to come on old school Walkmans. The Kidz Gear headphones are different. The Kidz Gear headphones use padded cups for comfort. the cups are very soft and fit around the ears instead of on top of the ears. This means less fatigue on the ears and less pain over long periods of time. The cups themselves adjust automatically to the position of the ears and the whole headphone themselves can be adjusted to fit a variety of head shapes. The headphones aren’t as luxurious as “adult” headsets and these are just made out of plastic. The plastic seems fairly durable and should stand up to most abuse that children are known for.

Sound wise, the Kidz Gear headphones aren’t anything really special. They are your run of the mill stereo headphones with volume limited to around 80dB and 90dB levels. You’ll have to turn up the volume on your device fairly high to hear anything normally on these headphones but at least after you hit the peak on your device, they won’t go any higher than that.

The Kidz Gear Apple Wired Headphone for Kids is a good buy for parents who want to allow children the freedom of private listening while protecting their ears from the damages that loud sounds can cause. The headphones aren’t the most high end headphones you’ll find out there but for kids and the amount of abuse they’ll put on these, they are perfect. The Kidz Gear headphones are available now for $29.99 at Apple Stores and on the Kidz Gear website.Available accessories include a carrying case and if you buy 2 sets of headphones, you can get a free 3.5mm stereo headphone splitter cable.

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