Maybe it’s just me but, when Olivia performed this song on a recent episode of VH1’s Love and Hip Hop-I thought the song was about knowing you need to walk away from a relationship because you’re not in love anymore. I, much like Rico Love and Rich Dollaz (her manager) found it hard to connect to her emotionally as she performed.

I thought this was the new “It’s Not You It’s Me” breakup anthem. However, after watching this video I stand corrected. It seems to be about a cheating boyfriend that she doesn’t want to leave, but then judging by the stats given at the end of the video it’s about domestic violence. When you add all of that with the fact that this song is a little too reminiscent of Danity Kane’s, “Ride For You” I can’t root for Olivia the way I want to.

Overall, I like this song and I respect the message the video is trying to put across. Domestic violence is a very serious issue and as easy is it for someone on the outside to say, “Just leave him” it’s not always that simple. I think Olivia is an amazing singer and I’m understanding her struggle on Love and Hip Hop to get her name back out there and finally get the shine she feels she deserves. I’m just not convinced she even feels what she herself is singing, maybe if she did the audience she is trying to reach would show her more love-that’s just my little ole 2 cents!

Sidenote: I’m REALLY feeling her hair color-I think I might rock that for this summer ;)

Do you love it/Hate it?

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