So I had the chance to check out the Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX back at CES 2012, and visually there isn’t too much to talk about. It is still very thin, but now as thin as the DROID RAZR. But I guess this makes sense because of the new improved battery inside.

That brings me the reason why I wanted to check it out and had it sent over. The claim that it could last all day on a charge, and some people saying they made it a whole day and even into the next is something I just had to see for myself. So I’m going all in on this phone. Normally while I’m reviewing a phone I’ll add one or two of my emails addresses in there and some of the apps I use. But with this, I’ve added all of my email address, and all the apps I use on a daily basis. So we’re talking 8 google powered email address, Spotify, Google Maps, Foursquare, Pulse, Google+, Facebook, Seemic, SocialScope, LiveProfile, Google Talk, Facebook Messenger, Tumblr, Path, Google Music, and a few others.

Now I will be shooting our some updates via our G Style Magazine Twitter account – @gstylemagazine, so check there for random timestamp updates on where the power level is currently. I’ll do this for maybe a week and then double back here with my final thoughts!

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