If you’re an avid photographer, you’ve probably heard of Lensbaby. Lensbaby is a company that specializes in custom lenses that deliver special creative effects due to their optics. That means that users of the Lensbaby family of lenses will be able to shoot with a variety of creative effects like tilt shifting, soft focus, pin-hole, and fisheye without the use of post production software editing. This allows for much more flexibility while shooting as you’ll be able to do this all in real time.

Today, Lensbaby announced the arrival of its new Macro Converters for their Lensbaby lenses. The macro converter will allow photographers to shoot close-up photographs with the added bonus of blurred edges. This, in combination with their other filters and lenses, can create a wide variety of different effects. The Macro Converter is available now from Lensbaby or any of their authorized retailers for $50. The kit includes a 8mm converter and a 16mm converter which can also be stacked to form a 24mm converter.


Press Release

Portland, OR – February 2, 2012 – Lensbaby announces today the addition of its new macro photography accessories for its lens bodies and optics, the Lensbaby Macro Converters.  These Macro Converters help Lensbaby photographers create close-up, dreamy and artistic photos while blurring out distracting elements.

“We’ve created a product that offers even more macro options beyond our existing Lensbaby Macro Kit, and works with every lens body and optic we make,” said Craig Strong, Lensbaby President and Co-Founder. “These Macro Converters offer great close-up range, and when mixed and matched with our existing Macro Kit, provide even more options for creative Lensbaby macro photography.”

The Macro Converters are available as a set containing one 8mm converter and one 16mm converter, which can also be stacked together to make a 24mm converter.  The existing Lensbaby Macro Kit (which features a +4 and +10 macro filter) can also be used in conjunction with the Macro Converters with the Double Glass, Single Glass, Plastic and Soft Focus Optics for an even closer capture.

The Lensbaby Macro Converters are available now for $50 from www.lensbaby.com, and Lensbaby-authorized photo specialty stores worldwide.

About Lensbaby

Lensbaby is a Portland, Oregon based manufacturer of award-winning Creative Effects SLR camera lenses.  Lensbaby was launched in February 2004 by Craig Strong, a professional photographer and the inventor of the patented Lensbaby Creative Effects SLR lens system. Lensbaby sells to photographers all over the world through its website, www.lensbaby.com, by calling 877-536-7222 /971-223-5662, at tradeshows, in leading photo retailers and through a growing global network of international distributors.

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