To say that there is no market styluses for the iPad would be a fallacy. No matter how much Apple wants to tout that there is no need for a stylus, sometimes you just really need one and using your finger just doesn’t cut it. Numerous drawing apps and note taking apps benefit immensely from the addition of a stylus so it’s a good thing that they are available for purchase from third party manufacturers. One such manufacturer is Ten One Design which has long been making their popular Pogo Sketch stylus available for all.

Well now they’ve improved upon their popular design with the new Pogo Sketch Plus. The Pogo Sketch Plus features a much slimmer design with a new patent pending Pro Tip technology that consists of patterned structures within the tip itself, which provides greater sensitivity while providing an even smaller tip diameter for superior precision. That is the one problem right now with current styluses for the iPad in which the tips are just too wide.

Ten One Design is offering the new Pogo Sketch Pro for $14.95. However, for a limited time only, original Pogo Sketch owners can email a personal photo of their current Ten One Design stylus to to receive a promo code fort 50% off the new Pogo Sketch Plus when purchasing through Ten One Design’s web site.

The email must be received by January 31, 2012 at 11:59 EST to qualify.

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