V-MODA is already a brand we think very highly of here at G Style Magazine. V-MODA makes very stylish and unique looking headphones and earbuds, back in the day we have reviewed their Crossfade LP, as well as their Vibe series. During our private appointment with them we were shown the M-80s and the Crossfade LP2. We gave a quick listen to the M-80s which sounded good and then the Crossfade LP2 was sent over to our hotel while we was out about at CES. So since we have these headphones, let’s dive into what we think!

The Crossfade LP2 headphones is definitely a unique looking pair of headphones and quite stylish. The limited edition matte black metal adds to their exclusiveness, which further makes them a hotter item to possess. If that wasn’t enough, it comes with a exclusive gunmetal shield. I like to call these headphones the “All Black Everything” headphones. It has a diamond-like shape and the branding on the LP2s is very minimal with virtually no V-MODA branding so you can endorse yourself, should you choose (as taken from their site). Also if you’ve recently seen Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol, then you probably have already seen these headphones and didn’t even realize it. Allow us to grace you with a screenshot below.

So yea these are mission impossible approved lol, so if you want to look good while listening to music on the go, DJing a set at the hottest club, or getting involved in some government espionage then the Crossfade LP2s are for you! What is also cool about V-MODA is that they allow you to change the headphones shields. So not only can you change the color but you can put your customs images on there. Check out our G Style logo on this pair!

The sound quality on the V-MODA Crossfade LP2 is excellent! As always I’m a bass heavy person, so if it has some kicking bass I’m happy. The Crossfade LP2 does deliver in this department and more. The Crossfade LP2 has a powerful but clean sound. The headphones do a good job of now being too loud which could damage your ears, but being loud enough and blocking out outside noise so you can hear your music perfectly.

The V-MODa Crossfade LP2 is a pleasure to use, it looks good, sounds good, and wearing them felt good. The headphones go completely over your ears which engulfs you in the sound. After extended use, I felt no discomfort while using the headphones and my ears didn’t sweat as is the case with some over the ear headphones. I do wish that play/pause and volume buttons were a little lower on the cable. With so much cable I do think it didn’t need to be that high up on the cable. But other than this I generally enjoyed my experience with these headphones. Add in the fact that you can customize how yours look with the custom shield and you have a pair of headphones that are hot.

The Crossfade LP2 go for $199.99 and you can check them out more at V-MODA.com

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