Last year we visited Vizio special area set up in the Wynn hotel and see some very cool ideas, in fact that took our Best of Show for the CES. So we was very excited to see what they had in store this year. One of those new things is that they are entering the PC market. Vizio will now start selling Laptops and All In One PCs. Now PCs are always know for being the most stylish products, especially Windows machines. While there are a few Windows machines here and there that actually look good, if you want computer known for it good looks, you’d have to look at the Apple camp.

Vizio I think is about to change that perception. While they have been light on specs right now, I will say this, their machines looks sexy! Modern, slim, clean design. Yes let’s get it off the chest right now, they do have a Apple look to them, but is that really a bad thing. They do have a Apple look to them, but Vizio stable of machines will stand out from the crowd.

Their laptops are thin, light, and sexy. And those All In One PCs are something to be desired in a Windows machine. I mean I really want one of these things. With the All In Ones, they come in a 24inch and 27 inch model and can be used as a PC, or your can hook up a Blu Ray player source, or even an Xbox 360. So you can go from computing to gaming, to TV in a toggle of a input source! With the laptops, they will have both a thin and light notebook as well as a more pro one.

Both as expected to be available in the Spring of this year and I for one can’t wait until we get our hands on them for a full review. Vizio has always been the company to provide high style in a affordable price package, and not with the addition of their PC and notebook line, I’m eager to see how they do. And because of this, Vizio has earned our Best in Show again for 2012!

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