- 50 Cent pushes SMS Audio - 50 Cent - Money Mayweather - CES 2012 - Signs Autographs 2

SMS Audio - 50 Cent pushes SMS Audio

Set up like a mini nightclub with house DJ and models giving out 50’s other product “Street King,” his brand marketing is in full swing. On display was the Street by 50 and Sync by 50 lines in arrays of different colors. As of right now The Street are only in Black and the Sync in white. Hopefully with a successful launch last month this will help see these, multiple colors available to consumers in the near future.

Speaking of colors surprise guest boxing champion Floyd Mayweather can be seen displaying a pink color in the pictures below. They both signed numerous amounts of autographs which caused a media frenzy with fans and even people just walking by everywhere. Also given out was a pair of SMS Audio headphones which they would do twice a day.

Did a brief test with the Street and they are pretty comfortable and heavy on the head. As also with the Sync. Walking around a little with the wireless, didn’t have any interference. Further testing would need to be done.

Nice showing to push the SMS Audio and even the Street King energy drinks and was also cool to snag a couple autographs from both 50 and Mayweather.

50 Cent pushes SMS Audio - 50 Cent - Money Mayweather


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