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Beyonce Feat. Andre 3000 – “Party” (Trackzillas Remix)

The TRACKZILLAS are a production duo that only started in producing in early 2000. Considering they haven’t been doing this too long I think they’re pretty dope. I also think it’s pretty dope that they take the time to share their creative process. They take you through the entire process of mixing, arranging and even adding vocals to a track.

In this video they revamped the song Party, off of Beyonce’s latest album 4 (Click Here for Review). I think they’re very creative and added something unexpected to the already dope track, which is how a remix SHOULD be. Check it out and tell us what you think. You can also check out some of their other creations on their Youtube Channel.

TJ Jordanhttp://www.about.me/tejor
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  1. This something I love to see. I love to see when a producer/producers take the time out to show a video of how they make beats. You get inspired to do something of your own, stuff like this just makes me want to create.

    I love the fact he took it bacc to old school and broke out the guitar, and the fact that he went in the booth and busted out a quicc bbox is classic, and and gave the beat something authentic.

    Dope video.


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