Until fairly recently I was only using a bumper as a means to protect my iPhone. It was cute but I was tired of it. It was green (one only has so many green outfits in their closet), and felt I needed a more “secure” case. I am by no means as obsessed with iPhone cases as fellow GStyler Sam but not far from it.

I was in the Sprint store doing my usual-stalking every gadget I possibly can to find my next phone. During my visit I came across the Skullcandy Aviator Snap-On case. Mainly it caught my attention because it is a perfect companion for my Roc Nation Skullcandy Aviator headphones (see review here).

Even though I noticed the Roc Nation logo was missing I decided it would will still look hot with the leather pouch so I bought it. Naturally Looks Hot=Must buy. Fashionably it’s a good look but not a very sensible purchase if you’re seeking protection. It especially makes not sense at the $34.99 price. The case feels very slippery to me and it’s very susceptible to fingerprints. If you’re as picky as I am about prints that’s a dealbreaker. I even tried pairing it with a belt clip..no such luck.

I am a multi-tasking texter, meaning I Walk/Talk/Text all at once, but with this case it I find it impossible. I feel like if I talk or text I need to stand in place then I have to safely place it in my purse or my back pocket then proceed to walk. If I try to do this simultaneously I am convinced the phone will leap out of my hand where it will meet it’s sudden and definite demise. I am not a daily purse carrying chic so I like my phone to feel safe in my hand (as that’s usuallly where it is). Considering the price tag and how much I love my Aviator Headphones I was a greatly disappointed. I felt my phone was safer with just the bumper I originally purchased and probably what I will return to when I get home. On the positive side it looks good and gets a lot of attention.

I believe that if this would have been a Roc Nation/Skull Candy collaboration the craftsmanship have been much better or it possibly would have come with a matching belt clip for added security. If you are interested in possibly trying this out yourself it is available for purchase on both the Skullcandy and Sprint websites.

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