The ever popular game Fruit Ninja by Halfbrick Studios that was released for iOS over a year ago is now available all mobile devices and for Xbox 360 Kinect. The simplicity and ease of the game makes it easy to get into and fun for all ages to play. The game was originally released for the iPod Touch and iPhone; but is now also available for iPad, Android and Windows Phone 7, Symbian OS, Bada OS and Xbox Kinect.

There are four versions of the game:
  • The original Fruit Ninja (Mobile Devices)
  • Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots (iPhone and iPad)
  • Fruit Ninja Kinect (Xbox 360)
  • Fruit Ninja Frenzy (Facebook)


In the mobile version the player uses their fingers as blades to slice through the fruit that is flying across the screen. He/she must avoid the bombs that are also coming across the screen or it’s game over. The goal is the same in all versions of the game (to slice as many fruits as possible without hitting a bomb or letting the fruit fall). In Classic Mode the player must slice as many fruits as possible without slicing a bomb. In Zen Mode there are no bombs but the clock is ticking. The player has 90 seconds to slice as many fruits as possible. In Arcade Mode, there are three special fruits that bring bonuses. There is an “x2 bonus” where your slices are worth double; “Freeze bonus” where the fruits are flying by, slowly giving the player enough slicing time and “Frenzy Bonus” where there are more fruits flying across the screen giving the player more fruit per slice. Arcade Mode level is sixty seconds. There are different modes in each of the games.

The Puss in Boots version, the feline is on the quest for magic beans. In Bandito Mode which now includes tomatoes; the player has new precision and timing challenges. In Desperado Mode, you’re back to an enhanced version of the classic game but with more frenzies and the magic beans.

In the Xbox Kinect version instead of using your fingers as blades (as it’s done on on a mobile device); you use your arms. In this version there’s Party Mode where the game turns into a tournament for two or more players.  Challenge Mode weeds out the real ninjas from the fake with fruit slicing goals the players must beat. For example, slice 50 fruits in ninety seconds.  Classic, Zen and Arcade modes are available on the mobile and the kinect version.

In Facebook’s version Fruit Ninja Frenzy, the player clicks and drags the mouse to slice the fruit.  It is still Beta right now but I can see myself spending a lot of time playing this game.

I downloaded the Kinect version over the weekend and I found it as addicting and enjoyable as the mobile version.  I get tired a lot faster than when I play on my phone but I found it difficult to stop.  It was fun to play with friends and also by myself. It’s 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live.  I think it’s worth it for a game that can satisfy different ages and tastes. Have fun ninjas and make Sensei proud!

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