About a month ago I did a review on the Sol Republic Tracks Headphones which you can read here. At that time people were asking “Who is Sol Republic?” “What does it stand for?” “Are they any good?” I’d say since that time they are proving the naysayers wrong. Evidence from wearing them they are proven to be eye catchers and attract questions at every turn. And its not even just the look that’s cool, its also the price point which i think they hit on in what can be a high priced headphones market. But also the lovely bass booming sounds that come out of it. They aren’t considered noise cancel headsets but you can definitely out alot of noise you don’t want to hear.

Almost a exact replica of the Tracks, the Tracks HD still feature removable headphone speakers, indestructible headband, and detachable audio cables. The difference cosmetically is these feature a more brushed metal look then the reflecting plastic of the Tracks. Also the headband has more of a see-thru effect instead of the solid colors on the headbands of the Tracks. I did feel they were slightly alittle heavier then the Tracks. Its more noticeable in the speakers, but I imagine thats because amount of sound/bass you get in them.

The Tracks HD feature V10 Sound Engines headphones which is higher then the V8s in their Tracks model. It creates more bass and a more “surround sound” effect when listening to music. Testing them with various types of music as usual it gave me more of a concert feeling. I didn’t get any distortion I felt I was slightly receiving from the prior model.

Who would think $30 difference in price models would make a world of difference in your listening pleasure. Also included with the HDs is a carrying case which keeps your headset nice and snug for those long trips. I think the HDs are worth it and I would love to see what SOL comes out with next. If this is the beginning, there is a nice bright future ahead of them.

The Sol Republic HDs are available at Best Buy & Apple Stores now for $129.99.

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