With the long awaited album “Les Is More” on the horizon from Mr.Ryan Leslie which he is also working on the visual video version of “Les Is More,” R. Les blesses us with an installment with an in-studio session of “Beautiful Lie” from the forthcoming album. I gotta respect dude for answering a question asked by Steve Jobs, “What would you do on your last day on earth? R. Les answers, “Exactly what I’m about to do right now.” Everyone isn’t blessed to make a living doing something that they love. So throughout the session he comes up the treatment for the actual music video with shoutin’ out “You know we gotta shoot this video in “Paris.” “I got the treatment already…..Ryan Leslie…Gullwing…that’s it!” lol As the session progresses the kid comes up the Mercedes Gullwing needs to be flanked by twin Cadillac Escalades, double Escaladin’. “I know you heard of double D’s, we got double EE’s.”