It seems that we can’t do anything without listening to music. Now the music doesn’t have to stop!

If you’re  someone who usually rushes or forgets their headphones, or needs music to do just about everything; wearable headphones might be helpful.  From plain solid colors to very stylish patterns; wearable headphones range in price and apparel. Everything from ear muffs to tees, and hoodies with built-in headphones are available now.  They can be found in major department stores and popular online retailers.  You don’t have to sacrifice warmth or style for comfort.

These headphones are machine washable!

Here are some of the most popular picks for “wearable headphones”

  • Hoodie Buddie Tee: I think this is a great idea for someone who frequents the gym and/or leaves their gym clothing overnight in a locker.  Perfect for cardio workouts indoors and out!    Price: $20

  • Hoodie Buddie:  Hoodies are always welcomed as part of our wardrobe; whether worn alone or under a jacket. These seem to be the most popular ones due to availability and price. Available at Sears, JC Penney and many online retailers you can find assorted styles.     Price $24.99 and up
  • INSOUND: These hoodies have more of a bold look and are also reversible. Giving you more bang for your buck!     Price: $66.00 and up
  • Skullcandy Mender Elevated Fit Hoodie: These hoodies are available (only for men) in three colors: Black, Red and Navy Blue.  They include Skullcandy’s 50/50 In-Ear Buds which feature a built-in mic and audio controls.    Price: $119.00
  • North Face Audio Beanie:The beanie is only available for Men.     Price: $45
  • 180s Ear Warmers: I’ve seen these ear warmers all over the city! I’m sure that I will be seeing them a lot more now that they are available with built in headphones.         Price: $19.99 and up
  • Lobers Wired Ear Muffs:For the girly girl who loves fashionable animal print or faux fur earmuffs; these too now have headphones built-in.   Price: $22.99 and up

With the standard 3.5 mm headphone jack you can plug in any device such as your iPod Touch, android smartphone or iPhone.  You can pair these with The North Face E-Tip Gloves or the Etre FivePoint gloves to put your touch screen devices to good use on those chilly days. Don’t forget that the the hoodies and tees are machine washable so you can always stay fresh!

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