Here’s a fun little gift from Desk Pets International that allows you to take control of a little battle tank. They are called TankBots and can be controlled with either an iOS device or an Android device using a specially developed app that is available for free. Available in 4 different colors, TankBots can interact with other Tankbots in either battle mode or race mode. They can even move on their own thanks in part to their built in IR sensors that allows them to avoid obstacles and navigate mazes.

TankBots are also fairly inexpensive at only $24.99 and exclusively available at Brookstones.


  • Battle mode, allows users to fire from one TankBot to another, multiple hits disables defeated TankBot
  • Fully controllable by iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android mobile device application Autonomous mode uses IR sensors to navigate mazes, avoid obstacles, and react with military precision
  • Free roaming mode with various sounds
  • Retractable USB charger built into body of the product, 40 minutes of charge = 15 minutes of play
  • Each color (orange, blue, black, and green) operates on own frequency, allowing for multi-player racing and battling

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