One of my personal favorite cases for the iPad 2 is the SmartSuit2 from The Joy Factory. Think of it as similar to the official Smart Cover from Apple, but on steroids. You see, the SmartSuit2 features a similar smart cover-like cover on it that folds up exactly like the real one and it even has magnets in it to trigger the sleep/wake functions on an iPad 2. The difference is that unlike the Smart Cover that only protects the front, the SmartSuit2 also includes a protective hard shell on the back that is part of the cover itself. It’s a seamless 1-piece design.

The SmartSuit2 is what I am still using currently and it’s the one case I’ve used the longest so far with my iPad 2. Part of that has to do with its good looks as well as the fact that it’s pretty well made and really stands up to abuse.

There are two colors available for the SmartSuit2. You can either get the white/silver one or the all black one depending on your tastes. You can pick them up at The Joy Factory website here and here for $59.95.

Check out our past review of the SmartSuit2 for more detailed information about the case here -


  • Ultra-slim case – only 9.5mm – envelops your iPad2 in elegant synthetic black or white silver synthetic leather, without added bulkiness.
  • Wake up your iPad2 or put it to sleep instantly – just open or close the case.
  • Hard case snaps on to the back of your iPad2, covering all four edges to prevent scratches and wear.
  • Stand upright for video viewing and lays flat for easy typing.
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