As much as I have drifted away from the world of Facebook I can’t deny that having it easily accessible on any device that I use is important. Today, Facebook announced that it is making its popular app available for Apple’s popular tablet, the iPad. This will be a nice addition to the other Facebook apps that are currently available on other mobile platforms.

Having a Facebook app means instant notifications, Facebook chat, and easy access to your Facebook photos. Now you don’t have to reach for your phone or computer or go to the website when you get the urge to share those “special” moments with your closest friends (or those people that you added but have since dreaded that unfortunate decision).

The app is a single app compatible with all iOS devices so no separate download necessary. It works really well with iOS 5’s notification system so that you can get a flurry of updates and not feel compelled to break your iPad because you keep getting interruptions every 5 minutes. At first glance, photos look really great, and load quickly and easily. The interface is also reminiscent of the website so the learning curve should be pretty low. If you are an avid Facebook fan there is no reason to hesitate. Go and get your update now.

You can grab the app from the app store as usual.

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