Those who were awaiting the highly anticipated iPhone 5 were disappointed today when all Apple announced was an iPhone 4S, an update to the popular iPhone 4 model instead of the iPhone 5. But I ask, why the disappointment?

You see, I honestly don’t understand the disappointment. Everything included in the iPhone 4S is basically what would have showed up in the iPhone 5, save the current body style. You’re looking at a phone that now uses the dual-core A5 processor just like the iPad 2 that makes the phone significantly faster. Apple also updated the rear facing camera to a new 8 megapixel unit with updated optics and better light detection as well as a new infrared filter for more accurate colors. Along with these two changes, Apple has also significantly updated the antenna design of the iPhone 4S allowing it to switch between 2 different antennas for transmitting and receiving, thus improving call quality and increasing data speeds to almost twice of what it was before. All this and it is now truly a world phone that can jump from any number of carriers. I’d also like to say hello to all the new Sprint subscribers who will now we joining the iPhone family.

Again I ask, why the disappointment?

In my honest opinion, the iPhone 4 design has been the best that Apple has come out with within the iPhone line. It’s sleek, the glass back makes it easy to hold while being smooth as “glass” and its unmistakably different from almost every other phone out there. It’s also the perfect weight, size, and shape. It isn’t overly large like many Android phones out on the market now and I find the form factor a joy to use. The iPhone 5 designs that we’ve seen speculated in the media have made it out to be much larger than the current iPhone, but in my opinion, I would not want a phone that large. If I did, I would have bought an Android phone like an HTC or Samsung. In my opinion, the iPhone 4S is the perfect size when it comes to portability, function, and form.

There is nothing to be disappointed about with the iPhone 4S.

It’s everything the iPhone 5 would have been in a sleek, familiar package. Those upgrading from a 3GS or earlier will be very happy with the iPhone 4S as well as those who who will be buying their first iPhone. Just because Apple didn’t name this the iPhone 5, doesn’t mean it isn’t. Again, it’s exactly what the iPhone 5 would have been sans the larger screen of it’s Android competitors. For that I say let them keep their huge screens because the iPhone has always been about sleekness and portability. Sure it isn’t as exciting as seeing an entirely new phone, but this is a typical Apple update and how they usually update products. If you’ve been around Apple long enough, this should come as no surprise.


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