One of the minor annoyances with tablets is that when you want to watch something on it, you either have to put it down flat on a table or hold it in your hands. Using it flat on a table means you have to view your tablet facing downwards and not everyone wants to watch a whole movie while having to hold it in their hands. It’s for this reason that tablet stands exist, whether it be a free standing unit or integrated as part of the case design. Cases with integrated stands work great, but usually they only allow you to stand up your tablet in a couple different positions and rarely ever in portrait mode. That’s where free standing units come in handy. The Bracketron iTilt is one such unit.

The Bracketron iTilt boasts 8 different viewing positions for your iPad. That means you can view your iPad from various different angles of your choosing. Because this is just a stand, you can use tit to prop up your iPad in either landscape or portrait orientations. The iTilt includes rubber feet as well as rubber padding on the part the iPad sits in order to keep the device and stand from slipping. It even allows you fold the whole unit down flat for easy transport.

Now, concerning the looks of the Bracketron iTilt, I’d have to say that it’s not exactly the prettiest of tablet stands. In fact, it’s pretty ugly and just looks like a big slab of plastic. But you know what, I’m willing to look past it’s looks because it functions exactly how you would want a tablet stand to function. I like the fact that it can be easily adjusted into 1 of 8 different settings and the fact that it can be easily transported without really taking up much space. I also like the fact that the groove the iPad is supposed to sit in is wide enough that it will even accommodate and iPad that has a plastic shell attached to it. It’s also very solid. The metal stand makes a satisfying click when inserted into the grooves and since the base is so wide, you won’t have to worry about the iPad tipping over and falling.

The iTilt is also very inexpensive. At only $19.95, its very affordable and would make a welcome addition to anyone who likes to periodically watch movies on their iPad or any other tablet. While the iTilt is marketed as an iPad stand, but you can really use it for any tablet you see fit. It should be able to accommodate tablets like the Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry Playbook, and HP TouchpPad just to name a few. You can pick up an iTilt now from either Bracketron’s website here or from any one of their authorized retailers. If you’re looking for a solid, well built stand, I definitely recommend the Bracketron iTilt, however if you’re just looking for something that looks good and is overpriced, look elsewhere.

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