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Don’t Getcha “Jawbone” Fractured, Because This is a New “Era”

Of all the bluetooth devices in the world this one satisfies my sweet tooth. Yes, the latest Jawbone called the Era is far from being sour. Jawbone has always been on the cutting edge and has me totally into my Era, pun intended. With the NoiseAssassin® 3.0, it completely blocks any background noise while conversing along with great HD sound quality while automatically adjusting the sound from inbound calls. The 10mm speaker is the Jawbone’s largest speaker yet. It is 25% larger than the previous models. Podcasts, Pandora® tunes, YouTube® videos, driving directions and more come vibrantly to life in full-spectrum HD-quality sound. The Era is full of surprises like the MotionXâ„¢ technology where you can ShakeShake® it into pairing mode or TapTap® to answer phone calls. Oh yeah and it gets better…. No more excuses like “It doesn’t fit my Marty Mar ears” because it comes with eight different size earbuds and an optional binaural earloop, ensuring the perfect fit.

On the http://www.jawbone.com/ you can log on with your Jawbone Era and syncs with the industry-first MyTALK platform. Where yu can download apps, customize new features like Caller ID by Name (exclusive feature), set different voices or language options, even program your bluetooth to send emails and text messages using your voice. It’s as easy as just signing into the website, plugging in your headset, and sync whatever apps and updates you want. You can customize it and make it your own like you’re in the Bat Cave devising your next weapon to fight crime of ordinary bluetooth and mobile headset device. It also keeps tabs on your battery life and with the use of the Jawbone Companion app for Android, Apple iPhone and Blackberry you can verbally hear about your battery life and other updates. I’m sorry (no not really) but, I have to agree this is simply the best headset on the planet. NoiseAssassin® 3.0, HD music & audio, motion controls, and works with MyTALK all for $129.99 at Best Buy and many other mobile and electronic retail spots. Definitely G Style Approved!


Malcolm Battenhttp://www.mr-showpiece.com
One of the first dancers hired on BET's Teen Summit as a regular. Danced on BET's Teen Summit for 5 years with "The Best Kept Secret" DJ Cocoa Chanelle and straight from the "Tiger's Den" Big Tigga along with Teen Summit's host from Belma Johnson, Prince Dajour to Ananda Lewis. Malcolm has also been danced for such artist like Mya, Missy, Timbaland & Magoo, Notorious B.I.G., Craig Mack, Lil Kim, Method Man, Jay-Z, 112, Mary J. Blige, Horace Brown just to name a few. With Malcolm's aka Showpiece love for music and music production/songwriting ability has his hand on the pulse of music anywhere from R&B to Alternative. These characteristics only enlightens his writing ability encompassing a unique take on the music he reviews and this is one of the imprints of G Style Magazine that helps keep the G in G Style fresh.


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