In my never ending quest to find the perfect, everyday iPhone 4 case, I’ve gone through more cases in the past year than I remember. My first “case” was the Apple branded Bumper case and since then, I’ve been swapping out cases almost every month. You see, I get very bored with cases. There’s always something new that will catch my eye which usually makes me want to just scrap my current case because I’m just tired of looking at it. This happens to me all the time regardless of what device I’m using and often times, I’ll even swap out cases on a weekly bases just because I don’t feel like having my phone look a certain way. That’s just me. That’s why I’m always on the look out for new and interesting cases and that’s why today, I’m taking a look at the id America Skyline Rigid Flex Case for the iPhone 4.

The Skyline offers complete rear and side protection for your iPhone 4 as well as some front protection. It is made of stiffened thermoplastic polyurethane that allows the Skyline to be rigid, yet flexible. It also feels much more solid than your typical silicone based shells. The retail package even includes front and rear crystal clear screen protectors which many of the other cases I’ve come across do not include. Most cases of this type, if they do come with screen protectors only come with the front one so I find it a very nice bonus that the id America package also includes the rear one. You also get a cleaning cloth and a squeegee for installation.

Looks wise, the first thing you’ll notice about the Skyline case are all the holes on the rear of it. It is an asymmetric pattern that is very random. I’m not sure what the designers were going for here, but I don’t mind the randomness really. I actually like it and it gives a different feel to my phone that I’m not normally used to seeing. Because of the holes too, the Skyline feels a bit lighter than some of he other cases I’ve used. This is a huge plus as it doesn’t feel like its adding any additional weight or bulk to my iPhone. The Skyline offers all the holes necessary for all the buttons and cable attachments and works on both the AT&T and Verizon versions of the iPhone 4. The case is quite rigid as the name implies, but is flexible enough where it’s not a hassle taking the phone in and out of the case for cleaning.

The only gripe I have about the case is with the bottom of the case. I’ve seen a lot of cases made this way too where its just one large hole for the speakers and the cable port. I don’t like it this way because it makes the that portion of the case a bit loose and not as tight. I’d rather them have made it 3 separate openings as I find that makes that part feel less flimsy. It’s still not as bad as some other cases I’ve seen though due to the material used. It’s still pretty solid, I would have just liked it better if it was just a tiny bit stronger. Other than that though, this case is a keeper and will serve as my day to day case until the next great case comes along.

You can pick up the id America Skyline case now on their website for $24.99 here. It is available in one of three colors – white, black, or pink.

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