4G and LTE is all the rave right about now, and Verizon Wireless is definitely at the forefront with the LTE devices. One popular device the MiFi which is a product I love using, has been updated and given some almost real 4G power. So Verizon was kind enough to send one over to see what we thought of it. Can such power also come in chic and stylish package, let’s see…

The Verizon 4G MiFi looks great, when I think about how the first 3G one look, this is a nice improvement. Though it is a little bit thicker than its predecessor, I like its chrome accents along the top trim. It also includes an Integrated External Status Display, which is cool but I wish it had like a red back light, that would have made it cooler.

Like I mentioned it is a little bit thicker than the first one, so this does add a little weight to it, but definitely not enough to notice. Picking it up feels no difference really when holding it or moving it around.

There is some definite power in this LTE 4G MiFi device. Which has so far been pretty consistent with Verizon’s LTE network. Though in the Bronx, I haven’t always gotten some of those high speed numbers as I’ve read in other reviews. So far the best Download/Upload speeds I received were 11.07Mbps down / 5.21Mbps up. This was a little better in Manhattan, so depending on where you spend your time the most will determine how fast you can go.

The Verizon 4G LTE Mifi device will run you about $99.99 on contract which isn’t bad at all, but don’t forget that Verizon data service while fast could be quite expensive. Other than that, this is one MiFi device that brings the style with the power!

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