OK maybe they aren’t really laughing at Playbook users right now, but if I was them I would. I would have a real smug, “I told you so” grin on my face at the current events of RIM’s latest Playbook OS issue. News is currently going around (and I have experienced this as well) that the latest Playbook OS update has severely weakened the battery. I personally have had problems with my battery since the update, and so far there seems to be no resolution in sight. To give an example of my battery issues, I started out one morning with 100% battery. I put the Playbook on standby, when I return to it around 1pm, I wanted to upload a couple of pictures. After completing that action and the being the first time actively using it, I was down to 46%. Back on standby and I use it again when I return home from work, and my battery was at 21%. This my friends is absurd!

Now that the Blackberry Playbook is free of having to have a carrier approve the update before it can release to the public, we definitely have a quicker turn around for when we get new features, but is this a good thing. This kind of make me remember how carriers who really test these updates before certifying it for release to its users. Sure you could find a leak version of these OS upgrades for the Blackberry devices, but they usually came with a warning stating to make sure you knew what you was doing, and that there was a risk of bricking your device. So now that there is no carrier testing and certifying, is this new battery issue just the beginning of further issues we might see as RIM rolls out updates?

What’s more disturbing to me is that we was suppose to see new updates every 2 weeks, and so far we have passed that point with this latest update. Even more so that there is a issue with the battery because of this update, where is the next one to correct this. Reports have been coming in about this issue, and so far the solutions RIM have offered hasn’t really helped. So what next?

So what do you think? Do you think it was better when carriers were testing and certifying before it was released to us, or you ok with no carrier interference?

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