Palm is back and the first of their new line of devices is the HP Veer. This has got to be the smallest smartphone we have ever seen in the US. But for all the cuteness this little smartphone that could has, is it too small? Well I’ve been using this phone for a little while now and here is what I think.

Despite its small nature, the HP Veer definitely has style. We have the all Black unit and it looks like a smooth little pebble. Of course that could be said of the original Palm Pre as well, but when compared to each other the HP Veer would be more the pebble and the Pre a stone. I for one like it’s small stylish nature. Color looks good for anything you are wearing (black does go with everything, if not at least most).

It isn’t all good though when it comes to style, HP made one horrible fopa. When it came time to check out some music, for the life of me I couldn’t find the headphone jack. It wasn’t until I was digging around in the box did I find this weird little magnetic clip on thing that I would find out to be the headphone jack. When you clip on this accessory you can listen to music, but it does make the Veer look like it has a weird growth on the side of its head, bad form HP….bad form!

First out the box I did seem to run into problems creating a Palm profile for the phone. After several attempts from the phone, I realize on the security question screen I need to press and hold to select a question. Finally after that it continued on with creating the profile. If you own the original Palm Pre or Palm Pre Plus, navigating this OS will come naturally. Even for newcomers, Palm WebOS (now HP WebOs) is a smooth and fluid experience. Of the “new” OSes I actually like WebOS over many of the others in terms of look, feel, and easy of use. It is because of WebOS that I can’t wait to see another HP product soon to come in the TouchPad.

The battery has been pretty good for this device so far. With moderate use, I’m currently on day two and still at 48% battery power. Now I do stress that this is with moderate use. I find that unless your a super texter or IMer, you would only use this phone with moderate use. With its size being so small, I can’t see myself or anyone else staring at its screen for an extended period of time. I think of it as bite sized information. You take it off stand-by, complete an action, and the put it back in your pocket. This could be a Foursquare checkin, sending a tweet or replying to one, sending a quick email or text. Your definitely not web browsing on this phone for a long time. Maybe listening to some music, but it doesn’t require you using the screen more each.

Applications for the HP Veer like with the Pre and Pre Plus before it, is still lacking in my opinion. Sure there are some of the major one like Foursquare, Pandora, and a few others, but where is the mainstream free Twitter 3rd party Twitter client or the official Twitter app for WebOS?

Overall the HP Veer has to be hands down the smallest smartphone I’ve have seen in the US. Its size is both a plus and a negative it in my opinion. Would I buy this device? As a fun secondary line to play with, yes. As my primary everyday smartphone, no. If anything I would wait for the Pre 3, or maybe revisit purchasing it when the HP Touchpad comes out.

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