So this week the Blackberry World conference is going on, and RIM is making quite a few announcements. One of these was the release of the Facebook app for the Playbook. This marks the first official high profile app for the tablet.

The Facebook app for Playbook looks cool on the surface, but there are a few negatives. So far i noticed that the app doesn’t rotate when turned. Though not major, it means i can’t type in portrait mode.

On the up side. The apps looks pretty cool. While the feed area looks a little too much like its smartphone counterpart, it gets the job done. i just wish it looked a little more visually appealing for the tablet version. The photo area of the app looks really good and the fact that you can connect to your HDTV to view your photos on a larger screen is a nice plus.

Also i was liking the chat and messages area. Both areas get the job done and works very well. If you are a Playbook/Facebook user, then the app is one you should definitely download. You can download it now in the Blackberry AppWorld. Hopefully this is just a start. Would love to see a Twitter app, as well as a few other high profile apps (Skype anyone!)

Side note this whole post was created just using the Playbook. From the text, to the screenshots, to the uploading of the images.