Man Purse - murse - Man Tablet - G Style

So this has been an interesting thought in the back of my mind lately. Now that I have this Blackberry Playbook, I’ve had a few occasions where I want to travel with just my smartphone & the tablet. Normally I travel in full tactical gear (backpack with laptop, smartphone, power adapters, external hard drive, various USB cables), but sometimes I want to go uber light.

Today (Sunday) I have just my smartphone and the Playbook. Unfortunately, I’m carrying it in the same backpack I do my laptop.  Sure there are smaller bags I could purchase, but then I would run into the same situations as discussed in my article on Laptop Magazine. And if you’ve seen how I was made to bare this humility in the name of tech reporting, you know this isn’t the way I want to go.

So then that begs the question. How the h*ll is a man supposed to carry this thing without compromising his masculinity? I mean, I love the movie “The Hangover” and I thought “Due Date” was funny, but I can’t see myself rocking a satchel AKA the man purse aka the nurse “murse” lol.

Is there any kind of bag that is small enough to be made for a tablet, without having it look like I’m wearing a purse? I tried to stuff it in my pocket, but even at a small 7 inches, it didn’t fit. How do you guys travel with your tablets? Leave a comment and let’s discuss this problem!

[Photo by Laptop Magazine]


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