First and foremost let me set the stage…this mixtape is only for that open-minded music enthusiast. If you are a music fan that is only partial to a certain genre of music and have no interest in any other style of music this is NOT the mixed tape for you. This artist has no boundaries and doesn’t care if you’re on board for the ride. Versatility is an accurate depiction of this music, he’s 100% DJ, 100% producer and 100% artist. So allow me to introduce you to The DJ, The Producer and The Artist……Blaqstarr. He is the same kid that gave you the “Oh, My Darling” banger that also featured, our friend here at Gstyle and awesome talent, DJ SynCity in the music video. Blaqstarr is M.I.A’s favorite producer and international entertainer about to take the industry by storm. Let’s not get it twisted because of the recent slew of this sound, that this is not from the original source. Blaqstarr IS part the original and true sound that is called Baltimore Club Music. Blaqstarr is from Baltimore the home of the new to most sound called Club Music, which has been developed in Baltimore about as long as Go-Go Music has in D.C. that is well over 25 years of speaker rattling beats or “pots and pans” as some non familiars have been known to call it.

This mixtape will take you through different avenues of sound that could be played on almost every different type of radio station thus the international appeal. Blaqstarr starts with a theatrical action movie type opening with Block Rockin’ Beats. Soon after the woofers pop & Blaq goes in. I am just a fan of music the whole mixtape satisfies that musical palette. “Handstand” and “Tween Me And You” gives that European nightclub feel with that exotic female dancing with a strobe light going a 100 mph. Blaq then teams up with M.I.A. on his gritty joint “Never Hesitant” with the voice of B-More’s icon the late and great queen DJ K-Swift intro. Blaqstarr opens his verse with

“Love it when they think/that I don’t see but I don’t thank/I’m the Army I’m the tank/been married to Mary Jane/only dizzy from the pain” “Never Hesitant always in the moment.”

And I’m messin’ with this banger involving two of the hottest international DJ’s/Producers in a busy line of beat makers Blaqstarr and Diplo on “Get Off” so “Absorb this.” Lol. To continue with the different facets of Blaq’s style he hits you with “Hold On” that to me gives you that Prince meets Club Music kind of feel.

With “Take Me High” Blaq takes you to church a little bit. (Get that foot tappin’). No boundaries includes how Blaqstarr makes original songs with original artist such as “You Know I’m No Good” with Amy Winehouse, “Big Bills” with Flosstradamus and Chairlift’s Caroline Polacheck and the infectious Club version of Diddy Dirty Money “Coming Home” featuring Skylar Grey. In KRS-One’s voice, “We’re not done, we’re not done!” lol Blaq features Lil Wayne diggin’ into “Tote It 2” because Weezy “Usually doesn’t do this but…..” lol. It seems like Blaqstarr could read Young Money’s very own Shanell’s mind with molding and creating a song just for her with “Kandle Light And Roses,” a perfect fit to the semi ballad for the dance floor. It doesn’t stop because “Xtraordinary” is a pop dance hit basically telling the industry that Blaq has “Many styles, many styles” lol This is an everything mixtape, whatever taste of music you feeling at the moment you probably hear it on one of these 25 tracks. However brief it may be but “Suck On My Kiss” will have everybody suckin’ kiss on dance floors all over the world. The DJ, the Producer, the Artist speaks up a mid-tempo ballad “Lullaby” smoldering and caressing the eardrums.

And Just to be clear there’s no mistake nor static with the name Blaqstarr, he makes two separate fiyah tracks with the original hip hop group Black Star Talib Kweli and Mos Def. “War Of Roses” with Kweli is a joint even the Beatles would be proud of as Blaq sparks on this rock joint. I’ll have to admit this one is my favorite, “Kiss Me On My Lips” featuring Mos Def. This is an addictive piece of sound right here that will bang the radio stations to another hit for the kid. Samplin’ Mos Def with “Blaq control the Rock & Rollin’ the globe.” Blaq’s just asking the world to “hear the message of my hiya fiyah all the way up.” To close it out Blaqstarr takes you on a small cruise through B-More with the true club sound with Rye Rye on “Get Up.” So if you’re lookin for something a little different but with mass appeal peep and listen to Blaqstarr The Mixtape. You don’t have any excuses because it’s a free download so stop being lazy and go to Get a glimpse of the latest sound in the industry from the source. And when I say no boundaries, I mean nooooooo boundaries. So cop it.

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