So I’m playing with this new Blackberry Playbook, and maybe because it isn’t out yet, but the AppWorld seems like it has some slim pickings when it comes to apps. I didn’t see a Facebook app, Pandara, Google Maps, nothing. It did have an Foursquare app by way of FourPlay, but other than that, I didn’t find much to download. This totally sucks!

Yea sure I could go to or via the Web Browser, but I just don’t seem to want to. Maybe I’ve gotten use to the using apps as a means to connect to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and others sites. With a app I know I’m getting a nice program optimized for the smartphone or tablet. I don’t want to be bother with having to work from within a web browser. Sounds stupid maybe, but I’ve gotten use to using apps on a portable device. I can’t be alone in this, you have Apple, Android, Microsoft, and even RIM getting in on the App game. Apps are a big deal now, but has it killed the need to use the Web Browser. Sure there is a rally growing around the technology formerly known as HTML 5, but with more people using apps to connect to their data, are browsers really needed?

Maybe we’ll get back to using the browser, but right know I don’t like the lack of apps on the Playbook. Maybe this is just me ranting about the lack of apps on this tablet, and nothing to do really with the web browser at all *shrugs*. What do you think, do you prefer to work from within the web browser or an app?

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